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Baby Loves Disco

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    I am totally within my right to question you and your company on the donation to the Red Cross.

    Just because you say you and your partner work in fields in high integrity it would be ridiculous to think that I would immediately believe you.

    I don’t know you from ’Adam’. All I know is that a group of us went to your event and it was not what your promotional material promised.

    When you are dealing with the public and selling services, you have to give answers to questions customers ask, no matter how difficult the questions are, especially when it comes to claims of donations to charities. It’s called disclosure.

    I must say your answer is rather disappointing. Please don’t come across as a person that’s suffered for the sake of making other children happy, that’s really sad.

    To put it into perspective, you took this on as a business venture trying to turn a profit. Nobody asked you to dance for hours while pregnant, and quite frankly if it was that difficult, perhaps you should have stopped.

    You are the spokesperson for your company, and a measure of any company is the way they deal with questions.

    Your response unfortunately has been quite lamentable. However, I do wish you the best for the future of your venture.

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    Fi1208 I have sent you a PM.

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