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Baby Loves Disco

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    Bubbly is offline Registered User
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    Baby Loves Disco

    Thank you all for coming today, and I hope you & your little ones all had fun dancing and moving with us! We certainly enjoyed seeing all the little ones dance and enjoy themselves!

    Without you all, the party would not have been a success!

    We will be posting details about photos and videos, and of course information about our next event on our website, so keep your eyes out for those!

    We also welcome any feedback you may have, good things and also how we could improve. Looking forward to seeing you all next time!!

    Baby Loves Disco Mummies

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    1/3J is offline Registered User
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    I am sorry to say I am disappointed! Not much for kids. Just a small dancing floor, a small play area with some plastic balls, a bubble machine which did not function well. A lot of balloons hanging on the ceiling but unreachable. I asked the staff for one for my son and he asked us to jump and get it - which was a mission impossilble. It was too packed, not much fun for the kids and adults. The only thing I feel good is today's profits will go to the Sichuan victims.

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    nursie is offline Registered User
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    May 2006

    I have to co-sign 100% with 1/3J. This so called party was terrible and not suitable for young toddlers at all. We left after 30 minutes... Really disappointing!!! Please don't bother to organize something similar like today, even though I must say the idea sounded like so much fun! Unfortunately for us it was everything BUT fun.

    Good thing that the prices of the tickets go to the Sichuan victims, otherwise I would have asked for my money back.

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    drcookie is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2006

    More information please

    Thank you so much for your input, even though you did not have fun.

    We are very sorry about that take note of some of your comments.

    I am curious that you say there was nothing else, as I know we had a huge number who liked the face painting, animal balloon modelling and hair braiding though we acknowledge the queues were too long.

    As far as the balloons go, yes more should have been tied down and accessible, and we would love to know more about how helpful staff were.

    I hope there is some more positive input than this, but would welcome more reviews of any type on this forum.

    Dance floor wise and padded area, unfortunately we are somewhat limited by the club itself. We thought that the safest area to pad, as it is the most defined inside.

    There are many things to improve, and we will.

    I would like to say that a great many children did have fun and stay till past the end, so I hope some of those people will say something as well.

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    Lucylou is offline Registered User
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    I had a great time but have a few comments that could help when planning a future BLD;

    - Dragon-i was far too small for the amount of tickets that you sold. I have a 9mth old baby and when carrying her around was tripping over young children and trying to squeeze myself through the crowds of people.
    - I didn't think it was fair that a few tables had 'reserved' signs on them. Nowhere did it give that option when booking and a group of 4 of us were huddled round a table for 2 when the larger tables were all reserved.
    - The ticketing table was a bit slapdash and confusing. We went through and then got told to go back and have our hands stamped.
    - We had problems with the balloons too - ceiling was way too high to reach them!

    In all, we had a great time and would definitely do it again, I think for the first attempt, you did really well and it is just a case of ironing out the creases and learning from these things in order to make the next one even better. Well done to the organisers!

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    Fi1208 is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2008
    Repulse Bay

    We went with a group of friends with several children, and we all left early, all disappointed, but more importantly so were our children. So this a summary of what we all thought
    Marks out of 10
    1. Size of dance floor 0/10 (This was really rubbish)
    2. Organisation and safety of ‘dance floor’ 0/10 (Our children were squashed and almost trampled as there was no room)
    3. Children’s play area 0/10 (what’s the point, it was far too small, and there are far better play-areas to go to without spending HK600 for a ticket)
    4. Availability of seating 1/10 (A lot of the tables were reserved inside, what was the deal here? Were you expecting a celebrity turnout, or were they just for customers that bought champagne?)
    5. Unreachable balloons on the ceiling 0/10 (Idiotic)
    6. Suitability of music 2/10 (DJ was more interested in playing his own tunes)
    7. Snacks 1/10 (my husband saw the organizers still pealing stickers off new bowls/plates and without washing them, putting food straight into them. Call me old fashioned but this really isn’t ideal)
    8. Drinks 5/10 (we ordered drinks straight from the bar, at least we knew the glasses were washed)
    9. Activities, face painting, hair braiding, magician etc 2/10 (btw where was the magician? Also queues too long)
    10. Birds in the birdcages 10/10 (the only thing our children enjoyed, but ironically wasn’t organized by you)
    11. Being misled by your flyer 10/10
    12. Value for money 0/10 (self explanatory)
    Probability of any of us attending another event… nil (also self explanatory)
    And as a final note I hope you make public the amount you donate to the victims of the earthquake, as I think most people would find it distasteful to sub promote your event by mentioning a worthy cause and giving ticket buyers a feel-good factor, and not do anything about it. I would also agree the comment from Nursie that we would have definitely has asked for our money back if it wasn’t for the donation.

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    Bubbly is offline Registered User
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    May 2006
    Hong Kong


    We welcome all comments, good or bad, when they are about the actual running of the disco and the event, because we do not expect everyone to find our event perfect. Trying to organise something fun for families in HK is never easy and as new 'mothers' to something new, there will be teething problems and we do not mind any comments at all.

    However, Fi1208, I find it extremely offensive and disrespectful for you to doubt our integrity about our donation. We did it for the victims of Sichuan as we were saddened to see all the sufferings broadcasted everyday and felt this was the least we could do for them.

    You can actually go onto Hong Kong Red Cross' website

    and look until no. 416, you will see that we are there already. This means that we have been checked and they have approved us as a group which are not out to scam people. It also means that we are committed to donate to them (and show them our figures) since it is illegal otherwise.

    Both my partner and I are people of working in fields requiring high integrity and I, personally, do not think it's funny to have someone write something like this. Although you did not appreciate our efforts, believe it or not, it's not easy to coordinate something like this, and it is by no means easy to dance for hours when you are pregnant like me, trying to make other people's children happy. I do not mind it as it makes me happy to see all the smiles on their faces, and as we said, it is ok for all feedback regarding the actual event, but it really makes me angry and upset to get challenged about our integrity.

    You may think I am worked up and call it pregnancy hormones if you want, but I wanted to make my point clear. ALL PROFITS FROM BABY LOVES DISCO HONG KONG FROM THE EVENT ON THE 8th JUNE 08 WILL BE DONATED TO RED CROSS HONG KONG.

    We will be donating within 30 days of the event and once the donation has been made, it will be posted on our website (and of course, you are welcome to check with Hong Kong Red Cross directly regarding our donation).

    So, Fi1208, I personally will refund your money back with pleasure and donate your share for you, as money to me is nothing is I can help those victims in times of need.

    Just to make this straight, the above are my personal opinions only and by no means, am I representing my partner or Baby Loves Disco Hong Kong with my views.

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    annacwest is offline Registered User
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    After reading the above I'm happy to report our experience was somewhat different. My son had a fantastic time. So good that he went straight to sleep after dancing the afternoon away. I agree there were a few teething problems, but I think this has to be expected at the first go at something like this.

    I think it is a bit rough to doubt they will be giving the money to the earthquake victims though? Rather than be doubted, the organisers should be applauded for their humanity.

    Great initiative, looking forward to dancing another afternoon away soon!

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