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Mathilda hospital mother & baby group

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    Mathilda hospital mother & baby group

    Does anyone have any details on the Matilda hospital mother and baby group. I've heard it's really good.

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    I don't remember all the details but I do know that what they call the "baby" group is for kids about 0-10 months and what they call "toddler" group is really for about 12-18 months. So it was really not appropriate for my 22 month-old, even though I considered him to be a toddler.

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    The two groups are: 0-9mths and 9-18mths. There's a little bit of overlap (you might find a mum with a 10mth old who is reluctant to move up to the next group because she's having fun in the younger group and/or is worried her crawler might get trampled on by walkers!), and then there might be toddlers over 18mths in the second group because - again - the mum is enjoying the social interaction and doesn't really want to stop coming.
    Yvonne - the health visitor who runs the group - is hardly going to kick anyone out for being over the 'official' age limit (within reason, of course), but when I used to attend, most mums stopped coming when their kids got to 18-20mths because the toys available are intended for younger kids in any case.
    Unless it's changed in the past year, the younger group runs on Thursday morning and the older group on Thursday afternoons.
    Check out the matilda website ( - i think) for details.
    I did quite enjoy it though some of the mums in my group were a bit cliquey as they'd all been in the younger group first and then graduated to the older group together, if you know what I mean.
    But definitely worth going to, even though it's a bit of a trek to the Peak.

    Hopefully, I'll see you tomorrow morning as we've arranged and I can tell you more then, if you want. But thought I'd post this reply as others might find it useful.

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