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flying with 5 month old

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    louisouis is offline Registered User
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    flying with 5 month old

    i am thinking of bring my baby (by the time we go back he will be 5 months old) back to singapore to meet all my relatives. But I am petrified of flying alone with the baby. As I am worried that the air pressure will affect his ears and cause him alot of pain. He is also a rather fussy baby and tends to 'complain' (Cry without tears) when he is annoyed. Having to endure 3.5 hours of crying in a plane filled with angry passengers sounds really scary. Does anyone have any expereinces to share?

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    I flew from Sgp to HK in Feb when my son was 5 mths and like you, I was worried about his possible behaviour during the flight. My son did fuss during the 2nd half of the flight and the 30minutes or so descent to HK. I supposed I felt kinda embarrassed and sorry for the passengers around me, but it can't be helped. Couple of times, the air crew came to reassure me that it is ok, and normal for babies to cry especially since they don't know how to clear their ears when the air pressure gets into them and that's normally the reason for all that fussing.
    Perhaps you would like to schedule the flight such that it will coincide with your baby's naptime. I flew on the 1.30pm flight and my son slept during the first 1.5h, so the air pressure didn't affect him.
    When the plane is descending, it will be good to have the baby suck on the pacifier (if he uses that) or drink some milk (whether breastfeeding or the bottle) since that will make your baby swallow and hence clear his ears.
    But whatever it is, just be prepared that there will be fussing and crying and don't bother about how that affect the other passengers. Seriously, you can't do anything abt that. But on the other hand, your baby may just surprise you and be a really good traveller. All the best...
    I am flying back to Sgp in Jul and my son will be almost 10 mths then... am so looking forward to it... ;)

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    Has your baby ever cried for 3.5 hours before?
    Having something to suck on helps the ears, be it pacifier, bottle or breast. Maybe a favorite toy or two. Plus a change of outfits (for both of you, just in case).
    Trying to schedule flights around nap/bed times is a great idea. Best is to have the LO fall asleep right before takeoff and/or landing.
    Our son flew USA-HK and back, made two flights in the US and then returned to HK all between 3 and 7 months old. All with no problems. We worried about the same things you mention,but it was all much ado about nothing.
    And, now that he is 2 YO, I can tell you it is easier to travel with them before they become mobile, especially if you are alone.
    Also, if you can swing business class, that helps. More attendants to help you out, more room for stuff.

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    I think the best thing you can take with you is your sense of humour. I did a 12 hour flight with a 6 month old - tiring, but offerning her my breast most of the time seemed to help. It was a lot harder when she was older - I did a 16 hour one with her on my own when she was approaching 2 and that was difficult as we had turbulance and she screamed for hours everytime she had to be strapped in. Yes lots of people stared -the ones who had obviously had kids, in sympathy and the fancy free ones in irritation, but there's absolutely nothing you can do and the air attendants know this. Thinking about it, when the air hostess asked me if she could get me anything, I did ask her for a Vallium.....!Keep smiling!

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    hi louisouis

    christph is right. I, too, flew with my 2mth old gal then, from Sg to HK. Jus try to ensure he suck or preferably be feeding (bf or bottle) to clear his ear pressure. Mid flight, bring along some of his fav toy to distract him, but best is to let him have his nap, the mild air turbulence actually provided a form of "rocking" for my gal's bassinet, then again, she was jus 2mths old then so i guess she was still sleeping lots. Me too gonna be going back Sg for a visit in Sept, and she'll be 8mths then, and i wonder whats my situation then. Hah!

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    weishy is offline Banned
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    dun worry guys....seen loads which cried from begining of the flts till we landed.....its pretty norm(of cos there's some easily irritated ppl on board(which are not listening or watching a movie......)

    water ,milk and their fav toys are enough to last u .blanket and long sleeves cos cabin can be quite cool at times(when at high altitudes even though temp is set at 24)

    and maybe can whisper and tell them that u're now on a plane :)

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    buddhafun is offline Registered User
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    Breastfeed during take-off and landing. This is key and it worked for my son during flights when he was 5 mos, 9 mos, 13 mos, and 15 mos. (He is still nursing). I have a feeling that bottle feeding isn't quite the same as the level of sucking is different which would clear the ears. The bottle fed babies on the plane (I did notice) seemed to cry more than the breastfed ones. Good luck!

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    i flew with my 4 month year old from London to NYC and back. It's hard and make sure you've got plenty of entertainment - toys, books, blankets, change of clothing, diapers, wipes etc.... I was nursing then too, but the milk flow is not the same on the airplane due the pressure. My son had difficulty with it so fortunately, he is also bottle fed and found that to be the most effective. Make sure you've got an arsenal of soothers for your baby to suck on at take-off and landing and throughout the trip. Are you flying economy or business? Definitely keep things light. Everyone understands around you (even if they glare at you while you walk down the aisle.) Once we landed it was like - FREEEDOM and I was ever so happen to see my mom waiting at the exit. good luck!

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