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Need advices & comments from other mums

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    Need advices & comments from other mums

    Hi, everyone.

    I am Natalie, and
    I used to be stay-home mum, but I got back to work recently since May ! (only about 2 months, but I feel like 2 years) My daughter is 27months now.
    Since I stayed with my daughter all the time after giving birth, it's really hard to cope for me as well as my daughter.
    My daughter cried everymoring for 2 weeks, and even still she sometimes tells me not to go to work.

    So I am thinking of quitting a job and opening a kind of playgroups near Shatin which where I live.
    I am also keen on my daughter's education as well, and always felt that in N.T areas, there aren't many decent playgroups or learning center except few art or dance(ballet classes). I wanted something with nice facilities and also other mums can get together more easily.

    I am thinking of opeing a playgroup which is related learing maths throughout play~!
    I know that there Kumon and E.nopi are teaching maths but I heard they teach mathematical skills by doing repetitive calculations.
    I found a very good programme which has totally different approach from Kumon or Enopi.
    And I am thinking of brining that professional programme from Korea ( I am Korean) to open a playgroup. So my daughter also can enjoy & learn with other friends!

    This programme designed for kids from 24month to 6 years old. So kids learn problem-solving skills, creativity and analyzing skills through play like using various teaching tools like the gifts made by Froebel(German mathmatician) and montessori materials, so kids learn mathematics step by step by playing (using number rods, spindle boxes etc).
    This is just the small portion of the programme.

    I want to open a nice facility playcenter with small groups of students, so the maximum class size will be 4-5 students in a class.

    I want honest opinions of about this type of playgroup from other mums.
    Do this sort of playgroup interest you guys????
    Pls do comments on this as many as possible!

    Thanks for reading my thread and commenting in advance!!!!!

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    marie313 is offline Registered User
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    hong kong

    it sounds interesting, but from what ive heard it is fairly difficult to open kindergartens / playgroups in HK. Also, with only 4-5 students in the class you will have to charge a lot of money, especially if you want a decent qualified person to run the class.
    do you have any teaching experience?

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    Sai Kung

    i have just opened a playgroup and the response has been phenomenal. it is not easy as i'm the only person and i do everything. i design the classes, answer all emails and teach everything.

    the hardest thing is being sick. if i'm sick then there's no one to help and i have to cancel the classes. i don't charge, obviously when this happens and so i lose money essential to running the place.

    i'm already at the point of looking to hire someone to help out as i have just been sick and had to cancel classes for 3 days. the problem is finding someone committed to the "job" and the kids.

    i would seriously think about what you are getting yourself into.

    many people think that working for yourself is much easier and can afford you a much better work/life balance. as someone who has been self-employed for most of the past 13 years in hk, i can tell you that is not the case. you are personally responsible for the running of the business. and whether it prospers or fails is up to you. this creates A LOT more pressure than if you are working for someone else.

    i sometimes find that i have less time with my kids because i am self-employed.

    ps> it's hard to make any money with only 4-5 children in the class. consider your over-head costs carefully before you set a class-size limit. you need to figure out the hourly income needed for paying your overheads and yourself. then you need to figure out how many kids you would need in a class and what you would need to charge per child. keep in mind that generally parents are not willing to pay so much for a "group" setting as they would be for private lessons.

    hope that helps a little. good luck with your decision.

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    apresmidi is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2008

    thanks a lot

    thanks a lot, marie313, and carang!

    Actually, I was thinking of sending pm to you, Carang cos I read a thread that you recently opened the playgroups, and I wanted to ask for advice!
    I wanted to get some ideas & do research before I plan to do something!!
    I think your comments help me a lot!

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