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Peanut Allergy - Advice on living with

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    mel_g20 is offline Registered User
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    Stanley, Hong Kong

    Thanks so much for all your advice. We are in the UK at the moment and every time we visit anyone we sound like neurotic parents. Our friends invited us to feed the squirrels, and when we got there they pulled out a huge bag of peanuts! Dont think they understood the implication of my sons peanut allergy!

    hknanny - I agree I think contamination is a big worry, and educating my friends and son essential. Already I feel hes noticing lots of treats have been removed.

    tstmum - I have the same worry about how to deal with things when my son wants to go on play dates without me. He will only be able to go to friends who I really trust understand the implication of him eating peanuts.

    Jo boyd - I will look out for the book, and check out the teachers. I agree its hard not to seem neurotic, but suddenly everything contains nuts or have been produced in the same factory as nut products!

    Carang - I will also try to get the sign made.

    Canucker - its good to hear that others have understanding friends that they can trust to look after their child at parties etc.

    Thanks again for all your experience and advice. I am about to get my 1 year old tested for a nut allergy too. She has shown similiar symptons to my son, I am hoping she is OK. Wish me luck.

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    Mel_g20, good luck with your daughters testing. I think your children are very fortunate to have a caring mother like yourself. You know, at the end of the day, the one most important factor in a child's life when they have a/an condition/illness/allergy is how plugged in the parents are....we are their greatest advocates, and so although sometimes it seems like parents are being neurotic, you have to remember that a) a mistake can have serious consequences and b) people that you come into contact with in schools/ restaurants ect are doing their job generally to the best of their ability, but sometimes their understanding is limited and other times they just become distracted by the other 999 things they have to do for their you must, must, must be your child's advocate.

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