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Would you give 1 year old any extra jabs? Moving to HK soon?

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    Would you give 1 year old any extra jabs? Moving to HK soon?

    My son is 1 year and has all the US scheduled shots. Would you give him any others prior to move (meningitis? TB? Hepatitis A? Others?) Our Tokyo doctor mentioned these I think, but I thought we will be living in a nice area (repulse bay area) and living carefully--so won't need any extra needles. What do other parents there do? Pls. advise? thanks,


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    Hong Kong

    I give my daughters absolutely everything that is possible to give them. I don't know the US schedule of shots, so aren't able to advise on the difference. I would visit your US dr and tell them you will be living in HK and ask them to recommend what your baby should have. Drs normally have a schedule of extra shots they recommend for different countries.

    It is important to remember that HK is only over the border from China and the population is largely transient to and from China. Read some history about SARS and bird flu in HK. For example, SARS started in civet cats in markets in Guangdong and quickly spread via a hotel outbreak in HK. If I remember correctly something like 900 people were infected or died in HK???

    Now, SARS and bird flu don't have shots, but you want your child to have the best possible health if there are outbreaks.

    Also, some of the diseases you mention are common in HK - eg. Hepatitis. Everyone needs the vaccination. There are no 'nice areas' that aren't at risk of infection.

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    I just moved to Taipei with my 14 months, he had his varicella and pneumococcal shots at 13 months as recommended by his dr. In Toronto, those 2 shots are routinely given during the visit for 15 months well baby check-up.

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    Those diseases have nothing to do with whether you live in a nice area or not.
    Meningococcal is spead via saliva, as you know toddlers will put anything in their mouths. 10% of the population carry this bacteria and never even know . It is a standard vaccine in most
    canada as well as pneumococcal.

    Hep A is spread via fecal oral route and is more common in Hk than US. We had this one extra as a travel vaccine becasue we travel to HK. All it takes is one infected restaurant worker to not wash their hands after going to the bathroom to spread this around. Hong kong also has lots of street food vendors which we eat at, so we felt it was best to protect the whole family.

    HK is endemic for hep B, as is most of asia. It is spread via blood. You can get Hep A and B vaccines done together so no extra shots.

    Tb, I haven't really looked into this so not sure, for just travelling it is not recommended, but if you are kliving there possibly. Why not just to to a travel vaccine clinic where you live, most major cities should have one.

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