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Toddler starting preschool

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    Toddler starting preschool

    My son turned 2 at the end of last month and he started preschool last week starting with 1hr 15mins each day for 1.5wks. For the past 3 days he started crying when daddy left him at the school and wouldn't let go of his hands hence the teacher had to carry him into the classroom with him still crying.

    I think at the beginning of his practice week, he was probably fascinated with the things around him and was happy to go to school. I was relieved that he could do it on his own. Now I think it has dawned on him that he will not have his daddy nor his grandma around him which he got used to at home. From Monday onwards he will be at preschool for 3.5hrs, how long did it take your child to adjust to school life. It's heartbreaking hearing him cry and it's hard for us to understand him as he cannot communicate back to us - the teachers do give us feedback on his motions which is good.

    How did you cope? Any advice on how to make him look forward to going to school?

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    We have a friend who is in the same situation like u. She has opted for 3 times a week unaccompanied because 2 years is probably too little to leave all alone for 3 hours.

    On the other hand the teachers are capable of handling the children so he will be ok.

    But my suggestion to u will be probably slowly increase his timings alone. U can ask the school for 2-3 weeks 1.5 2 hours each time as he gets used to the idea of being without dad /grandma.

    Best of luck

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    Every child adjusts at different times depending on their character.
    My son (2yrs 3mths) has just spent his first week at pre school, spending an hour a day which will increase to 2 hrs next week, then 3 hrs the week after. The first day was terrible as he cried the whole hour without me but the crying has reduced day by day and the teachers are telling me that they are sure that there will be no tears by mid week next week.
    I know there are children in his class that cry on the first day and by the 3rd day, my son is the only child crying. So children are able to adapt very quickly to new environments.

    I deal with it by leaving as soon as he has settled inside the classroom and not look back. Like Neha mentions, the teachers are experienced and very capable of handling them.
    I then praise my son every day after school and we spend another 15min playing inside the school after school has finished just to let him know that school is fun with or without mummy there. Despite the tears, he seems quite happy to go to school every day, it's only when I leave that the tears start.

    However, I do think that 3.5hrs for their second week is a bit too long and I also think you should ask the school if they can reduce the time to about 2 hrs.

    Before you know it, he will be waving you away outside the school.

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