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Does anyone else's baby sleep better when their hubby is on duty?

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    Unhappy Does anyone else's baby sleep better when their hubby is on duty?

    Just wondering if I'm being completely paranoid...
    My 3 month has quite a good bed time routine. Bed at about 8, a 'dream feed' at around 11 when we go to bed and then generally doesn't need feeding until 7am the next morning. This is the catch though...Whenever I'm on duty (ie sleep on the side next to the cot), he seems to wake at least once in the early hours (usually at 2:30). He doesn't need feeding, but does need resettling before he'll go back to sleep. Whenever my hubby takes a turn at being on duty (usually on the weekends or when I throw a wobbly at him), he magically sleeps through. This isn't one off, it's been happening consistently for the last month or so. Just wondering if anyone has had the same happen to them... can he smell my milk? sense the fact that I'm thinking please please let me have more than 4 hours?...and no it's not my snoring waking him!

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    Mine too. If my hubby is away, he will wake about 5 times a night.

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    Probably a range of things, he can smell your milk, he can hear your breathing and just wants to touch base with mama..

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    Yep, definitely had that. It works in your favour if you are trying to 'train' him to sleep better in the future, as your husband simply gets up to do all the night time calls, and baby eventually realises it's not worth waking up if it will only be Daddy coming!

    If you're the main carer then I think the baby just knows you're the most comforting person, and also have the food if you're breastfeeding, so it's a bit nicer to wake up and think of being comforted back to sleep by Mum.

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    here's my theory...

    a friend and father recently told me "my kids started sleeping thru the night when I started sleeping thru the night..." sounds cruel, but he has a point... men tend to be deeper sleepers and more able to sleep through baby noises whereas we mommies are much more sensitive and feel a burning need to reach out and hold our babies when we hear them whimper or cry. generally men are much deeper sleepers than women. maybe they are onto something...!?

    how's that for an answer to your question? i don't think your babies are not waking when your hubbies are on duty... i just think your dear hubbies are not hearing them and then the little ones just go back to sleep on their own. i know when my hub is "on duty" (i use that quote very loosely!) i ALWAYS am the one to jump up and attend to the night wakings - simply b/c i hear baby first and my darling husband, who is a great father btw, does NOT!!

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