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Sitting position

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    Sitting position

    Hi, My son (8 months old) sits in a funny position (always) with his right
    leg forward and left leg bends backward. Or sit with both legs bend
    backward. I though the correct position should be both feet forward. His
    feet are also bend inwards (pigeon toe style). He is avery active boy and
    started to sit at arnd 5 months (in this funny position which I suppose it
    helps him balance himself). He is kind of cheating his way into sitting
    unassisted this way. If I put both of his legs forward, he can't sit in that
    position for long before collapse. His legs are a little bow as well.
    Question:Should I be worried?
    Anyone has the same experience?

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    one leg forward and one leg backward is fine while both legs backward is really bad. but babies like both legs backwards very much. all you can do is correct them everytime it happens.

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