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Newborn with white tongue/thrush?

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    Newborn with white tongue/thrush?

    I am breastfeeding exclusively. My baby is almost 4 weeks old and since around 2 weeks she had a white tongue.
    I tried using a wet towel with cooled boiled water to clean that with my finger but its difficult as she refuse to open her mouth much.
    I wonder if this is alright to leave it alone or is it thrush? I also have develop sore and cracked nipples with pain on one side and I am concerned if this is some form of thrush infection as well.
    Any advice/similar experience will be appreciated, thanks

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    My 2 month old daughter constantly has a white tongue but only after she's been fed, she's b/f also and her white tongue is definetly milk I just leave it, by the next feed it's usually pink again; only to be white again after she has fed.

    If it is thrush (according to 'What to Expect the first Year') there would be blood when you brush it away. But think you should seek advice from a lactation consultant/doctor.

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