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Classes / playgroups for twins

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    Classes / playgroups for twins

    I have 4 month old twins and have been looking at all the various classes to find something i can do with them - Kindermusic, Gymboree, Panda Juction etc - and nearly all of them don't allow you to take more than 1 child with only 1 adult.

    I'm not in a position to take just 1 and leave 1 at home or take another adult with me. Does anyone know of any classes that will accept me with 2 little ones.

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    music together will allow you to take both your children.
    when your kids are a bit older, the playgroups at ppa and union church will accept twins and one parent.
    you might find that "in house" playgroups are the best way to go for now. there is an informal gathering for mums of multiples every week at cyberport, maybe that would best suit your need for now? or meeting with other new mums at one of your homes?

    congratulations on your double blessings!

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    I think Rolly Pollies in Causeway Bay has a Sibling class. I don't have much details though.

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