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Must-buys (from the US) for newborns

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    Must-buys (from the US) for newborns

    Dear All,

    We will be visiting the US next week and will have time for shopping. We want to buy some items that will be useful during pregnancy (during 4-9 months) and when the baby is born. We have limited baggage space, so we want to carefully plan what to buy from there. We especially want to bring the items that are expensive to get in Hong Kong, for example breast pumps (as far as I know.)
    Would you have any recommendations on the essential items that are particularly expensive in Hong Kong and it is worth to carry all the way from the US?

    Thank you and have a nice day.

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    MLBW Guest

    I find that there is a lot more selection and broader price ranges for items for baby in the US. In HK, often there is only one or two brands of a product available and often they are the higher end version of that product. Things that come in handy and that are not too expensive and easy to find in the US that I recommend are baby "first aid" kits--that have special thermometers, droppers, clippers...things like that. Breastpumps for sure are cheaper and I recommend anything by Medella--don't waste money on really cheap ones that you can buy at like Wal Mart--I haven't heard any favorable reports about them. One thing that we found invaluable was a pacifier clip--the ones that are usually available in HK are really flimsy and don't stay clipped very well. There are more secure ones readily available in the US. Also, some post-partum supplies that I came to really appreciate included dermoplast which is a topical spray anticeptic. It probably is available in HK somewhere but I wasn't able to find it (and who wants to hunt for stuff post-partum anyway?) as well as things in case you get hemorroids (which sounds awful but it's a sad fact for a lot of people)--there is more selection and range to choose from. Also, there tend to be more natural food stores around (or out in the open) in the US so if you are inclined, I would stock up on vitamin supplies and things that can help balance hormones for post partum use--as they may not be available in HK and if they are they will likely be about 3 times more expensive than the US. Those are my votes. Safe travels!

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    Here are a few more things off the top of my head that I was happy to get in the US:

    -Breastfeeding cover (good selection in the US. Highly recommend the Bebe Au Lait. Check out their site to see where they are sold.
    -Lansinoh Lanolin for sore nipples - a must if you plan to breastfeed (So much cheaper in the US and I think you can get it at any drugstore)
    -Any clothing, especially basic onesies (Walk into any Walmart and you can find a fun selection of stuff for so little)
    -Books! (on sleeping, on first foods,etc)
    -Diaper Bags (i have never found good ones here in HK that were reasonably priced)
    -Baby Bjorns or other carriers

    Have a good trip!

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    yes, buy carter's onesies. soooo cheap there and you can get matching sets (like 5 pink and brown or purple and white, for example and two pants that match) they are the nicest onesies out there, IMO. Also, jammies for baby and receiving blankets are much cheaper there.

    Also, with the breastpump, check the voltage on the plug before you buy? make sure it will work here with an adapter and doesn't need a voltage converter, would be a waste of a lot of money if you can't use it here!

    Agree about the diaper bags here, and while lansinoh is available, i used the nipple cream from mothercare instead and really liked it. Ergo is much more widely available there, and the color selection is much better. I ended up getting one here (best buy i made, honestly - get the infant insert - it's worth it!) but it is black and i pretty much detest black.

    Also, if you have made this flight a few times, check into your Frequent Flier program, you may get more baggage than you think.

    Also, buy some nursing tops and some stretchy comfy pants like old navy yoga pants for those weeks afterwards when you don't fit in your normal clothes but not really wanting to wear the stuff that makes you look pregnant.

    BRAS! buy nursing bras there. way way cheaper (and actually available, if you're larger breasted). Get fitted. Where in the US are you going? if in Chicago, NY, or atlanta, I HIGHLY recommend going to intimacy. ( Even if you don't buy the bras there, have them fit you. You will be glad if you have proper fitting nursing bras. Trust me on this.

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    I would also buy a stock of Infant Mylicon - it is an anti-gas relief you can buy over the counter in any pharmacy out there and it's safe for newborns.
    My one week old son has gases at night and I've been giving it to him, he loves it and it makes sleepless nights much more manageable for us all!

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