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Hitting and Biting Other Kids

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    Hitting and Biting Other Kids

    My daughter is 16 months old and has been hitting and sometimes biting other kids (some even a couple of years older than her) whenever they touch anything she is playing with. I know that she is trying to ber territorial but is there a better way to tell her how to do this? I have tried to tell her many times that she has to share her toys and that she cannot hit and bite other kids. It doesn't seem to have sunk in yet as she keeps on doing it.

    At home, she is also hitting her 2 month old brother for no particular reason at all.

    What can I do to stop her from doing it?

    I don't know whether she is very vicious by nature or whether all kids go through this phase? I heard that kids get really terrible at 2 but I think she is already at that stage now so I wonder what she will be like when she turns 2 in 9 months' time.

    Any advice most appreciated, thanks!

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    We know somebody who was like this but after sometime he stopped .It takes time but u as a parent must keep telling your child that it is not right to hit or bite. We have a book called Hands are not for hitting. We read to our son often and try explaining to him what he can do with his hands.

    I guess u have to be patient and careful because u have a 2 month also .

    Terrible 2s can start anytime

    Best of luck

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    I think all toddlers go through stages. This is just another one and with careful guidance they will grow out of it.

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    It's normal developmental behaviour but of course it should not be tolerated and/or accepted.

    I would just do a google search on biting + toddler and I am sure you can find a ton of suggestions how to deal with this.

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