I'm starting to consider where to send my son for kindy and after having read some previous posts here, I am even more confused. My 21-mth son is currently in a montessori program which he absolutely loves. My consideration of moving him in a year's time is only because I want to increase his Mandarin exposure; hence considering KCS and IMS. His mother tongue is english. I would much appreciate comments from moms with kids attending these schools :-

- KCS (local) - I have no doubt my son will be immersed in mandarin as it is their main teaching language. My concern is will it be difficult for a non-mandarin speaking 3-yr old to cope at the beginning? What languages do the kids speak amongst themselves? Will he be missing out on "social" aspects in a new language environment?

More importantly, is KCS' teaching style "local" as it may be confusing for my son coming from a montessori school?

- IMS - how much of their teaching is done in mandarin? how is it actually "taught" or is it just the case that there are 2 teachers, 1 eng speaking and the other one mandarin speaking within the classroom?

Really appreciate your time & comments and pls do PM if necessary. Thank you! :)