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ESF Interview calls?

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    ESF Interview calls?

    sorry to repeat this thread here...i posted it in geokids too but since the response is a bit slow there thought i'd catch some of u moms here.

    anyone heard about the ESF interview dates yet? my son is in woodland pre-school....apparently the esf guys come over to have a casual chit-chat with the children in woodland prior to the interviews....this is happening in december when unfortunately i had planned to be out of i am worried that my son might be at a disadvantage though the teacher assured me that it does not matter....anyone has gone thru this before pls. advise.....

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    my girlfriend was out of town with her daughter when the esf team observed at their kindy (sunshine house). no problems. the daughter still interviewed with four of her sunshine house friends and she got in. i think you will be fine.

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    Haven't heard anything yet, didn't even know this was being done. My oldest is in Sunshine House (TT), I'll ask them if they know anything. I know 2 other girls from her class will most likely go to ESF since they already have older siblings there.

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