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delayed language development

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    delayed language development

    my daughter, 2 yrs old, is still only saying 1 syllabol words or just using signs. she understands a lot and gets frustrated when she is unable to express herself as she wishes to communicate more .... it's become a frustrating guessing game. her nuersury teacher finds that she's doesn't use certain sounds and recommends we take her to the mother child heath clinic for a more in depth check.

    i will call them tmr, but i know most likely there will be a long waiting list to see a specialist. are there any private ones available to do assessments in hk? how much do they cost? anyone else have this experience?

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    My son (twin boy) will turn 2 end of this month and hardly says anything although he has about 5-10 words now (all within the last month) but still a lot of baby babbling. I went to a speech therapist myself (in our native language) and she assessed my son and I decided, even though he's improving, he will start seeing her more regulary starting end of this month.

    I also know that South Bay Family Physicans (on South Bay Road) have pediatricians and a speech therapist in their group. However, I emailed the speech therapist about "what to do" after visiting their practice and signing in, but never heard from her again, which I think it's really weird. But in the meantime we have found a better solution so I am happy with that.

    BTW, my son is completely fine as far as we can tell except a delay in speech. He was born full term, no complications, however my husband was also very slow, but turned out more than fine!

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