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Embryos in/out of HK - is it easy to do?

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    Embryos in/out of HK - is it easy to do?

    Hello everyone,

    I am calling on your collective knowledge!!!

    I have (relatively) recently moved to HK with hubby and would like to start a family. However our circumstances are complicated by the fact I have leukaemia (though currently in remission and well) but I have been advised for the time being at least, not to try and get pregnant as I am taking daily chemo medication still, and will be for the forseeable future. The meds are keeping me in remission but they are harmful to the fetus so I would in effect have to stop my meds for the duration of the pregnancy, which no-one is currently too happy about!!

    So that aside, I am currently left with a variety of options - surrogacy and adoption. Adoption - hoping to have meeting with social welfare dept next March - so thats in the pipeline. Now I realise that this isnt a site for discussing the pros/cons of surrogacy, so don't want to go into that. My main question is whether anyone has had any experiences of bringing in their embryos from overseas for ivf treatment here, or have embryos frozen here, that they want to move outside of HK. Who are the agency that I would need to go through? I have embryos frozen in the UK so moving them out I would have to go through the HFEA there. Just wondered what restrictions I would have here in order to decide what step we want to take next.

    Thank you v much!

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    There is no problem to transfer the embryos from one countryto another country. If you want to get more update information, suggest you to contact private IVF center like Prolivfic ART center in Central. You can call them at 28683139 to ask for free enquiry.

    Good luck to you!!

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