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Hong Kong vs. Shenzhen Tailors

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    Hong Kong vs. Shenzhen Tailors

    I have some visitors from the US coming to at the end of this month. While they are here, they'd like to get some suits made, but they are only here for 4 1/2 days.

    Anyone have any recommendations for tailors? Looking for reasonably priced (cheaper is better), but good quality and (obviously) fast service.

    Is it worth paying for their visas to go to Shenzhen to get the suits made? I've heard that they can be as much as 10% of the HK price! Is that accurate?

    What are the prices in Shenzhen compared to Hong Kong tailors?

    Any advice or recommendations of places to go would be appreciated! Price quotes would be helpful as well! Thanks!

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    You should be better off with the tailors in Hong Kong even thoughthey are slightly more expensive but they have a better sense of fit and have better fabric choices.Local tailors are accustomed with working with clients who fly in for a few days and need their suits asap. There are quite a few in Tsim Sha Tsui behing Shangri-la hotel. If you will like to take a trip to Shenzhen, you can easily find tailors in Lohwu Centre, there are seamtresses rather then tailors on the fifth floor. They can easily courier your orders to Hong Kong.

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