I am a big fan of Dr. Maria Montessori, and I read lots of books regarding her Education Method. I?ve even studied the NAMC Montessori programme, as it seemed like it is the only Montessori training in H.K. But later I found that this course is 100% assignment based self-study, with no practical trainings and teaching experience at all. Hence, I was still not sure how to teach my son at home, even after I have completed the course last year.

Last month, my friend brought me to her daughter?s Playgroup Centre named ?Little Montessorian? in Causeway Bay. This is a playgroup her daughter started since she was 1y9m. Her daughter seems to progress very well in the past few months. There I found out that this centre also have a full range of Montessori materials and training course for parents.

Since I have already taken the NAMC course in the past, but at the end I found there is no difference than just reading the books myself. I was a bit conservative this time and so I have only registered the Language Parenting Workshop with Little Montessorian this time. Surprising the Little Montessorian course was extremely good, practical and comprehensive. The teacher was very sincere, encouraging, and experienced. She corrected me some of my phonic sounds, and I can immediately use what I learnt in the first session to teach my son when I got home in that Sunday afternoon. For the entire week, I continued to teach my son phonic with sandpaper letter and some Language game I learnt from the workshop. He seemed to become so interested in the text of the books.

The second session was even better. She taught us the Pink Series, and sequence to teach. Finally I understood what this is about and why Montessori used these activities to teach language. I can see the language development and how it established the foundation of the Reading and Writing. It has never become so clear to me about this Montessori teaching before. Here I really want to say THANK YOU to ?Little Montessorian? and I am truly appreciated what their teacher have taught me.