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Working Moms to Be

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    Just a quick little note, Shobna (blingdiva) gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on the 13th of May at 3:05pm at Queen Mary Hospital. Baby was 3.38kgs and 51cm long. Mother and baby are doing very well and were discharged today.

    She tells me that there is a working-mums email going round, but i couldn't find it in her inbox so i'm just going to post here till she gets round to it.

    A couple of points from my side;

    1) I think we made an extremely wise to choose QMH over some of the private alternatives. I can honestly say from my experience there that the quality of medical care is absolutely top notch. We ran into a spot of trouble during labour and had to have an emergency-C section - whilst extremely nerve racking for me, I felt immediately reassured when i saw how the medical and nursing teams were going about their work. Trust me, they are absolute professionals, and you wouldn't want to have anything less.

    2) Aftercare, whilst without the frills of some of the private hospitals were pretty good. My advise is to make 'friends' with a nurse from each of the shifts. You will have a much better time. Oh and, the nurses in blue/white uniform are much nicer on the whole and willing to help than the matrons in white/red.

    3) Wear their clothes! One of the things mentioned on our birthplan was that she would rather wear her own nightgowns in order to be as comfortable as possible. Well, its a messy affair and it soon dawned on us that wearing their clothes is not such a bad idea!

    3) BRING YOUR OWN FOOD! I made breakfast, lunch, dinner deliveries everyday. It was also nice to sit outside the ward and have lunch together - See below;

    4) Because of swine flu, they have reduced their visiting hours to just 6-8pm every day.

    5) One last point, don't bother going for a mani/pedi prior to your expected due date (as she did) as I was sat during labour wiping off all the nail polish as per hospital rules.

    If you have any questions about the QMH experience, please don't hesitate to ask!

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    Congrats to you all on the birth of your little girl. Have sent Shobna an email to send my best wishes also.

    As an aside I am organising a Mums and Bubs get together at my place for this Friday at 3pm so whoever is available let me know.

    Miki - I have sent you a PM with my details so let me know if you can make it.

    Cheers all


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    Thanks Wendy. I would love to be there. Just sent you email.


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    Quote Originally Posted by single mum View Post
    HELLO! i just saw this thread! i'm a single mother and i juggle work with motherhood... it is not easy but i have to say that this site has helped me a lot and i have found it to be like an online baby bible!!!!

    I'm scared -- and not normally like that -- as I am about to be a single mum.
    Your post for a couple years ago and I understnad if this may not be relevant anymore, but I figured no harm getting in touch anyway.
    I'm Australian, and just secured a job to start in Macau in a month. Meanwhile I just found out yesterday that I am pregnant. No idea whether to tell the employer yet.
    The father of the baby is in the US, and he cannot support me in any way as he has been unemployed for the past year. Things are pretty bad there :-(
    I'm freaking out and no idea what to do next. I have no family in Australia nor Macau and I lost my mum last Christmas.
    Sorry if I"m sounding pretty pathetic, but I need nothing more than someone to tell me what is the sensible thing to do now.

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