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Baby Stroller on plane

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    Baby Stroller on plane

    We're planning our first long haul flight with our 20 month old. I was wondering whether we can take a fold-up stoller onto the plane (so we can use it at the airport before boarding)? I'm sure I've seen some before you board but when checked with Cathay, they said it has to be checked in with baggage. Anyone has experience?

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    We flew from Amsterdam to Hong Kong and we took our bugaboo ( so its even bigger than a foldable stroller ). We just told them at check-in and they put special stickers on it ( they don't add the weight of the stroller to your baggage allowance, its free ), then just before we board the plane we left it at the entrance of the plane and the airline people will take it away to store until you get off.

    This was with KLM so not sure about Cathay..but bare in mind that not much care will be taken with the stroller so you may have scratches and scruffs on its return!

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    cathay does it too. Most airlines will let u take the stroller all the way to the gate. We take ours every time all the way to the gate

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    Same here.We've travelled alot with our little one and all the airlines we've flown with so far have allowed us to take the stroller up to the gate and we can collect it outside the plane door on arrival.

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    it IS checked baggage, but you check it at the gate. they will do all the work at the check-in counter, then you take the stroller with you to the gate.

    make sure that the stroller will meet you at the gate when you get off the flight, too!

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