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Toothbrushing, toothpaste and little teeth

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    in the past i have "forgotten" to brush my son's teeth and have noticed a little bit of yellow... that's when i 'remember' to do it that he's older, he is the one who remembers to do it...

    my kids LOVE sweets and they have a chinese grandmother that sees nothing wrong with them having a lunch of m&m's!!! they also drink juice and sometimes soft drinks.

    i'm sure a dentist would disagree with me but i would say, make it a ritual that you do every few days and then gradually increase the you let your son do it himself? if not, then do and then when he's finished, you can re-do it.
    also, try sitting your child on the counter-top and then giving him a toothbrush and you brush your teeth at the same time... you can make it a game...

    do you know the "toothbrush song"? the best version is by PLAYSCHOOL, maybe they have it on youtube? you could also buy an extra toothbrush for brushing teddy's teeth or dolly's teeth as a game...

    i bought a great book through shopinhk about brushing teeth... it's a soft cover and has a detachable toothbrush and toothpaste. it was VERY reasonably priced and i used it at my playgroup and had each child come and brush the teeth of the girl in the story...

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    We started as soon as teeth came in, although all the books say to begin earlier.
    Our son spent a lot of time watching us brush our teeth and we tried to make it a fun thing, so he was pretty good with the whole idea at first.
    Eventually it became a struggle and still can be. I don't think it is the tooth brushing itself that is a problem for him, but maybe just the idea of not doing what he wants? Some days it is easy and some days a struggle, so how can it be the act of brushing itself? And some days we do it and some days he does it.
    And we have always used some toothpaste, never a lot, though.
    But it has to be done, otherwise they rot and a dentist's drill will not be pleasant experience.

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    Thanks for the advice Carang. Will try to hunt down the Toothbrush Song and the book too.

    M&Ms for lunch??? I wish that I had a grandmother like that when I was a kid! In my family getting a jam sandwich was a treat!

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    Here's the book that Carang recommends

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