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Kindermusik/baby activities in CWB?

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    Kindermusik/baby activities in CWB?

    Does anyone have experience with Kindermusik in the Clear Water Bay country club? I am thinking of signing up with our 10 months old but I cannot do a trial class and was wondering what people thought of it.
    I'd be happy to hear about any other activities in Clear Water Bay too - we just moved here and have not figured out where playgroups or other activities are ... Many thanks!

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    We did the Kindermusik classes at the club for one term. My daughter enjoyed them but I found them to be quite expensive. For over a year now she has been going to "Antsmart" in Marina Cove, just after the Hirams Highway. They have lots of music based activities which my daughter loves and a 10-15 min session at the end with the piano. The classes are in English and I think they start when the children are around 9 months. Unlike Kindermusik you only pay for the classes you go to, not on a termly basis which I prefer.

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