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Bangkok - child-friendly?

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    Bangkok - child-friendly?

    We are thinking about taking a long weekend to do Bangkok - is it worth it? Is it child-friendly or is it a hard city to get around with a pram? My son just turned 1 and is a walker now, but we would still obviously need to stroll him around.

    What are the best things to do there? I heard furniture shopping is great - any suggestions / advice would be most helpful!

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    Sai Kung

    We have taken out little man several times and loved it.

    I suggest a front back (or backpack carrier) and the stroller.

    The streets are not so good for the stroller but depending on where you are staying this may not be a problem.

    The locals will adore him and from our experience help you where possible.

    We stay at The Davis (not so good for tiny's) or across the road at President Park - excellent for kids. Then we would take taxis to places.

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    we stayed there for quite a while (2 yrs ago) when my husband was posted. i'll share with you my likes :)

    i seldom took cab due to the traffic. so it's good if u can find a hotel in the city. that way, you walk around and see more. plus i got into a "catfight" with one cabby once. so please remember, everytime you get in one, ask to go by meter. otherwise they will overcharge. and if they pretend to not understand you, do not board. actually, bangkok is a beautiful place and her people are very nice, just a few black sheep.

    there are great restaurants, but i forgot their names. i'll try to remember n post back k?

    grand palace - MUST! outstanding architecture and huge buddha. but u hafta be appropriately dressed. no sleeve less, slippers or berms.

    Siam Paragon - baby friendly place. cafes like greyhound and another hound, are just great.

    Siam Square - must go! small area with lots of shops. in fact, if u dare, go haf a haircut or treatment done in the salons. they are sooo cheap and not bad. foot massages there are also pretty wicked.

    Chatuchak Weekend Market

    bangkok tailoring - for men, get into those tailors run by indians. near any respectable hotels or groundfloor they are always at. they have wide textiles range. but give them a few days to do it. always go for fitting and check. for ladies, forget it. their suit tailoring is just OFF :P if you are into cheongsams, bkk is also a great place to get it tailored. go to mbk's top floor, where they haf a huge emporium. just go in n see. u will find shops like such with their workmanship on display. haggle haggle haggle.

    Suan Lum Night Bazzar
    i hope the place hasnt torn down to make way for property dev. it's a nite bazzar that sells local handicraft, art pieces, and some local fashion (which i think is pretty interesting -the young designers)

    it may be a better idea, to use a baby carrier here, cos the shops are narrow and close to each other. there are beer gardens around, so if u can eat there too.

    i'll try to remember and post back!

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