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Party accessories/packs

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    Neha is offline Banned
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    Nov 2006
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    Spot light would probably give u the best choice and price wise it is not that much more expensive then Toys r us, U can also try Toys club they are also pretty good

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    joannek is offline Registered User
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    May 2005
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    this is a local secret. go to wanchai, johnston road KFC, near the wanchai market. it's across the street fro the MTR exit. go into that small street where there's a "angel" beauty accessory shop (like a sasa), you'll find on the left several toy stores (there're now hanging the CNY decor outside the shops. inside, they sell disney party sccessories (like cups, hats, party favors. the set of cups, table cloth thingy is $10 cheaper than toysrus. i just bought some for my daughter's party.

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    snowbird is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    Great stuff ladies,

    Thanks for all the tips - will be scouring the stores this weekend!!

    Carang, thanks for calling today and really great talking to you! Hope to catch you tomorrow ;-)


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    rosalatina is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2008
    hong kong

    I'm new to HK and looking for "Hello Kitty" party pack or party supplies in HK, for my 3 year old daughter's birthday party...where can I find??? I've checked in the sanrio shop in Harbour City but they do not stock such items... :(

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    We found great party favours where we live in the little random shops in YL. Our party bags had things like mock lego and little baby sunglasses ($5) each all the little girls got hawaiian headbands from spotlight and boys little spongey balls. All the kids got 2 pavement chalks from spotlight too. The trick is to mix it up. Few bits from spotlight -- the actual bags, the chalk was $8 for a bucket of 20! Cutlery from Wellcome. An idea for a 2 yr old party is to get bits of diy stuff from spotlight like wooden letters (for each kids name) and get them to paint it in with help...or do a massive fingerpaint or footprint mural. That way they can take their creations home with them as part of the loot bag.

    You dont have to come all the way to YL to get any of this stuff..Sham Shui Po Markets should have all you need. I'm sure sheung wan/wan chai probably have some hidden gems too.

    I think toys club, princes bldg hobby something shop, and even spotlight can be $$ but picking and choosing ends up budget friendly

    Hope this helps!

    Proud Mama to Kian Danyaal 08.12.2007 & Adara Michelle 10.10.2009

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    I really like Spotlight although I found I could get a lot of stuff from the local stationary shop which could be made or modified for use.

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    Tulip is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2005
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    Has anyone seen 'Spiderman' party items (cups, plates, napkins, etc) anywhere? Thanks!

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