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Growing Pains

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    Growing Pains

    Hi, my 21-month old has been complaining of pain in her knees (sometimes it's the left, sometimes the right).

    I vaguely remember my son complaining about pain around the knees at about the same age and the pedia said that they were growing pains (after checking to make sure that there were no sprains, etc.).

    I'm just wondering if any of you experienced anything similar with your children...?

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    I have had the same problem with my daughter since she was about 18 months old. She's now 4, and about once a month will come into our room crying with pain in her knees. I get her to try and explain where the pain is so I can check, etc, give her panadol and send her back to bed with a couple of cuddles and normally that does the trick.
    Sometimes it can be for a few nights in a row, but it isn't all that often, and my daughter loves her sleep more than anything and doesn't like being disrupted from it or taking medicine, so we know it isn't attention seeking either.
    I have also had my doctor check my daughters knees/legs out repeatedly, and it is all normal. My doctor too said they are growing pains, and can be normal.
    Having said this, I do have a friend back in Australia who had a daughter with pain at the back of the knee on only one leg, and it WAS a tumor, but the doctors were able to feel the lump, etc... so it is a rare and extreme case. Also, standard panadol/neurofen did not help my friends daughter to relieve the pain.

    It's nice to know I'm not the only mum who experiences 'growing pains' with my child.

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    growing pains

    I've had great results with a children's calcium and magnesium supplement. It seems to happen in the tall lanky kids more often (but not always) and is often related to their mineral requirements at the time of rapid growth being more than their dietary intake. Not sure what supplements are available here in Hong Kong, but I've always used Blackmores calcium/magnesium in Australia.
    Might be worth a try?

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