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baby awakes a few times during the night

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    i can highly recommend the book Save Our Sleep - not to follow rigidly (she is very routine focused like GF) but has lots of advice about sleeping and settling babies of different ages and stages.

    Baby Sleep Tips, Books & Products - Save Our Sleep?

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    sorry, have limited access to internet while on holiday, so haven't read all the posts....

    i could never leave such a little one for 4 hours crying.
    crying is a baby's voice. they are only able to voice their discontent by crying. to me, not answering the cry is like telling them that their voice is not important. now, i'm not saying that you should respond to every little whimper, but 4 hours is way too long to leave a baby to cry it out.

    remember, your baby will only be this small for a very short time. it's ok for them to wake up, it's ok for you to cuddle and hold them and rock them. there will come a time when they won't want this (believe me... my 4 year old doesn't want any of that "baby" stuff!)... a cuddle to a baby is just as important as milk and a clean nappy.

    so, personally, i'd say....don't think that because you hear that a baby "should" sleep through the night that it means that ALL babies do it. and that therefore yours should too.

    PS> i know how exhausting it can be, but it does end..... eventually.....

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    i *hope* the tides are turning... he slept for a solid period of 4 hours last night! but still was up every 1-2 hours every other time...

    i don't really expect him to sleep through the night and am actually quite happy to be up 1-2 times per night.. its was a nice time we spent together, in the dark, with him quietly feeding. it's been over a week that he's been waking up so often, so let's hope from here on out, it gets better and this phase has passed! :)

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    i will take your advices - swaddling this 8 months old bb of mine!!

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