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Afternoon naps

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    Afternoon naps


    Our son is 2.3 years old. He sleeps between 21.30 till 7.30 in the morning and then in the afternoon for 1 or 2 hours. Till about 2 years of age he used to sleep by 19.30-20.00 maximum in the night but nowadays he doesnt want to sleep even at 21.00.

    My question is should I cut the afternoon nap and let him sleep 12 hours straight in the night. We have done that a couple of times when we had to and he slept by 19.30-20.00. Though he does get tired by the 18.00. We have also tried cutting his afternoon naps to a 1 hour and still he seems to be the kid on Duracell battery who doesnt just wind down. At 21.00 also we have to force him to go to his room where we read , sing songs etc till he sleeps.

    Any suggestions how to get his bed time earlier.


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    Hi Neha,
    We just went through something very similar and I've cut out our son's lunchtime nap. It's not great for me, but works much better for him. He just isn't sleepy at lunchtimes anymore. He now goes down by 7 / 7:30pm every night whereas before he would be super restless until 9pm.

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