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Can you spoil a 15 month old?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussiegal View Post

    I find that many helpers take the easy way out, which is to give in to the children they are looking after simply to get through the day a little easier! I can understand it but as a parent we need to make sure this happens as little as possible or we will indeed have bratty kids.
    Totally agree. I have a helper who is not afraid of telling my kids no and disciplining them. I see that as one of the THE most important traits in a helper with young kids. I also put in my support verbally, when I see her is disciplining them, even when the kids are upset. It helps the helper to know that I think they are doing the right thing, and also sends the message to the kids that mommy's not going to bail them out if they are out of line. And I think that helps give the helper more authority when i'm not around the house.

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    I agree that the key is empowering and supporting your helper to provide the appropriate degree of "discipline" to your children. The hard thing about being a parent is deciding what the appropriate degree is! Personally I think one of the biggest challenges is finding the right balance so that you don't completely squash your children's individuality but also don't raise little emperors/divas.

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    our son is 28 months old and still doesnt sit. he eats standing he poos standing everything is standing and running. Our new helper also is a bit soft with him so we have told her that she needs to be bit strict with him and not let him run all over her.

    We do my gym and all instructors cannot get our son to sit for circle time it just doesnt interest him. I try my best to bring him back to circle time but he still runs away and does the slide, climbing. He loves the puppet time and he will sit or rather stand still for that.

    Talking with experience u can easily spoil a child. But as other ladies have mentioned u pick your battles. Atleast one caregiver should be strict .

    Best of luck

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