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Soccer for 18mo?

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    chelle_law is offline Registered User
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    Soccer for 18mo?

    Hey everyone- we recently moved to HK and I am looking to put my 18mo in soccer. He loves kicking the ball around and we would like to nurture this skill and let him run out his endless energy as well. The only soccer program I see for his age group is through Socatots. Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share? Are there any other programs I can look into besides Socatots (for comparison in prices and schedules)? We live in Parkview so I think the American Club is close and they offer classes but we don't have a membership there. Can we still sign him up there? We can travel elsewhere but closer would be easier.
    Thanks in advance for everyone's input. I have gotten such good information from this forum.

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    To do the classes at the American Club, you would need a member to "sponsor" you. Why don't you try the Stanley Sports Centre? It's just a couple of minutes away from the American Club.

    Do check out the other thread "Soccer for 3-year old."

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