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music toddler course at Tom Lee

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    music toddler course at Tom Lee

    thinking to do something interesting with my 2 year old girl and saw the advert, wonder if any parents tried it and please comment.

    It says on their website it's for 2-3 years old but doesn't mention the fee as well as the content, so need some advice, you know economic downturn, just feel uncomfortable on buying something you don't really know...

    thank you!

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    CherA is offline Registered User
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    Maybe you can call up Tom Lee music centre for a check: 25190246
    They have a 2 year old music course who lasts for a duration of 3 months. You have to commit the whole 3 months and you'll be given a cert or sthg like that.

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    we went to the 2-3 yr old Tom Lee class. mediocre i would say. my main problem was with the venue. we went to MegaBox Tom Lee. we were put in a room, size is medium but if you then fit 12 adults + 12 kids + 1 teacher in there, it gets a bit tight. especially with dancing and moving. and then they put this crappy winnie the pooh padding (you know the one you get from japan city) on the floor for sitting. it's just very ad hoc to me.

    we went to all 12 classes, and the content did kind of grew on me. basically you sing songs and do a bit of dancing and also some simple music theory stuff, e.g. staccato, legato.. you know basic playgroup stuff.

    so content so so.. but venue was not good enough for me. i've been to much better kid's classes, and for the money they charge, it's more than what other classes are charging as well..

    i did heard the 3+ year old classes were better, with an individual piano etc.? but we are on waitlist, and i'm still deciding if I want to give Tom Lee another go.

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