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natural birth or c-section?

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    coco choco is offline Registered User
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    natural birth or c-section?

    hello there
    i am pregnant with Twins and i am considering which one is better for me and babies. my doctor was so insisted to do the C-session so i didnt have a doubt at the begging but since i have been to pre-natal class or hearning from my friends, seems like natural birth is better...
    Can you share with me some of your idea??? or experience???

    Thank you!

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    MommyTo3 is offline Registered User
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    I had a singleton and then twins and had them all vaginally (with pain meds). However, I had mine in the USA, but the USA also has a relatively high c-section rate. My doc told me from the beginning I would have them vaginally as long as baby A was presenting head down.

    I personally believe there is no reason why twins can't be born vaginally. My baby B was breech and was born by breech extraction 4 minutes after his sister who came out in just 4 pushes. They were close to 8lbs a piece, 12 days early. A lot of doctors, not just here, but also in the States (although I am starting to believe that HKG has an even higher rate of c-sections with twins than the US), believe that twins are high risk and they'll tell you it's safer for you and the babies to have them by c-section. A c-section is major surgery, and if babies (or one in my case, as long as it's A) are head down there is no medical reason to have a c-section (apart from other medical reasons). My recovery was extremely quick, which is good when you have 2 newborns (and a toddler in my case) who need attention. Having said all this, you should ask your doctor about his/her experience with vaginal twin births. More and more doctors don't have proper experience which makes it indeed safer to have them by c-section in their case, but this doesn't make it safer in general, which they do make you believe. If you're keen on having a vaginal birth and you're able to have one (no medical reasons), find a doctor who is willing to help you. There is no reason you can't just because they're twins. Twins it self doesn't mean you're high risk, there are just more things to watch for.

    If you need some inspiration:

    There are plenty of scientific studies that show no difference in outcome for twins being born vaginally and/or by c-section (assuming no medical reason for c-section).

    Feel free to pm me, and don't forget to join Moms (

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    dolphinyp is offline Registered User
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    Fo Tan

    Hi, coco choco, i second Mom2Sofie&Twins that if you think you're more likely to have a natural birth ,then find a doctor who is pro-natural birth. That is very important . Since when my baby (just one not twins in my case) was 36 weeks, he weighted 3.3 kgs already. My gynae ( in singapore) pushed me to have a C-section right away, while i really insisted to have a natural birth. Which i think it's a way that do both good to mom and baby. However, there are less doctors are willing to spend more time on natural birth these days, making the c- section kind of overused. I switched to another gynae right away, who is a gentle and very attentive doctor, who helped me to have a lovely healthy boy , and i had a wonderful birthing experience. Cheers.

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    Paddles is offline Registered User
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    Hi Coco choco

    I have 9 month old fraternal twin girls and had them vaginally, with epidural.

    My original dr was negative about a natural birth all the way through and used scare stories (I believe) to make me come round to his point of view and the further I went through my pregnancy the more I realised he wouldn't give me the choice when the time came. My pregnancy was without complication, my 2 were head down all the time and there was no obvious reason to expect my delivery to be difficult. I changed Dr at 20 weeks in order to see someone who could support me in my choice and had a fantastic induction at 38 weeks and gave birth to 6lb 4oz and 7lb 3oz babies. My delivery was fantastic and I'm glad I didn't go for the HK easy option and have a C-section. I very clearly agreed with my Dr in advance what I wanted and when during delivery we would go for an emergency c -section if necessary and he fully supported me.

    He didn't give me a choice about epidural because you do need to be prepared in case of emergency and it's much faster to act if the epidural is already admistered.

    I'm happy to talk to you more about my delivery and answer any questions you might have. The only thing is I can't recommend you a Dr in HK who I know has extensive experience with twins. You would have to ask them individually, or contact Annerley midwives and ask their advice.

    Don't give up on it, it is possible if that's what you want.

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    twinsmum is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    all very much depends on how your babies are positioned - it might not end up being up to you to choose - mine both were breached and no way i would risk their lives even tiny bit - so of course it was a c-section. But as far as recovery goes - it was not bad at all - after about 3-4 days you move pretty normally and can do most things. you pretty much get up and have shower by yourself in about 12 hours! so dont even worry about c-section (if you have to have one) for one min - nothing, compared to having to look after a couple of newborns!

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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    Tsuen Wan

    Wow, twinsmum, your recovery period sounded great. I didn`t have twins, only one, but I had a c-section and I would not recommend it to anyone unless it`s for medical reasons.
    I was definitely not up and about after 12 hrs. I think it`s amazing that this person was able to move normally after 3-4 days - it took me weeks to move around `normally`.
    Everyone`s recovery is different, I guess.
    But if you could have a natural birth (with epidural!!) I would go for that. A Caesarian is major abdominal surgery.

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    sherwes is offline Registered User
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    I had a scheduled c-section and I was up after 18 hours (the hospital I went to in Sydney actually have a policy of getting the mothers to get up and have a shower under "their own steam" within 24 hours). Within a couple of days I was able to take my baby to the coffee shop at the hospital and within a week I was able to go for walks with my baby in the pram and to do most things (except anything that involved lifting more than say 5 kilos of course). Of course I did get tired very easily (one short outing a day was enough to wipe me out!) but that was a combination of the c-section recovery and the lack of sleep!

    Of course recovery from a vaginal birth is quicker and, with twins to look after, that would be a major consideration for the OP....

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