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cloth diapers, when and which types?

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    Smile cloth diapers, when and which types?

    i want to try cloth diapers with my first time baby when he is born, but i haven't bought any yet as i know the first few weeks he'll be too small?

    when's a good time to get him started on cloth diapers (so that it's efficient and i'm not paying for a billion different sizes as he grows?)

    the only brand i've heard of so far is the one they sell at three sixty... something 'tree'? (maybe gummtree) or something like that. They sell them in boxes/package of 5 or 7 for 900 something hkd.

    any recommendations, advice, suggestions would be great and much appreciated!!!

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    we used motherease nappies. at the time they were only available via the internet, but apparently you can now buy them locally.

    its not so much the AGE that your child can wear them, but the weight. for our son, about 6kgs was the time his cloth nappies started really fitting well.

    i do recommend motherease products. check out their website: Mother-ease | Cloth Diapers | Diaper Covers |Training Pants

    in particular, their flushable inserts were brilliant. their "plastic pants" are also wonderful. they only come in four sizes, so there isnt much confusion. after our son was toilet trained, we were able to sell the nappies to anohter hong kong mum for her child.

    good luck.

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    A lot of one-size diapers don't really fit until the baby is about 10lbs, but once they're 10lbs they'll most likely fit until the child has learned to use the potty.

    Popular one-size pocket diapers are bum genius. Buying one sized diapers means you won't have to size up as your baby grows. Motherease also has a one-size diaper.

    What is your motivation for cloth diapers? Is it cost? Prefolds are the most cost effective way of cloth diapering. Is it ease? If so, pockets and all-in-ones would be better. If it's baby's skin, then I'd recommend going for organic fabrics and steering clear of too much PUL.

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    thanks koan and dimsum mom!

    it's mostly env't and cost as well, i've just given birth and so far using disposable. does motherease have organic fabrics? i'll take up dimsum mom's note and wait till he's about 6 kgs first or at least until we're all settled in before getting any!

    what sort of bin do you keep soiled ones in and how often do you wash (and with what? normal baby detergent in washing machine okay?)

    all advice is much much appreciated!

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    We rinse off/hose down the soiled nappies and soak them in a bucket of water with Napisan (available from Park n Shop) for a few hours and then wash as usual in the washing machine.

    It helps if you use a flushable liner, because that way, you can just flush the liners down the toilet and makes the soiled diapers easier to clean. I think these liners are now available in HK at Bumps to Babes.

    We've used Motherease (loved it!), but at the time they didn't have the one-size ones, so we ended up getting
    mostly BumGenius and Mommy's Touch.

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