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baby gym or music class for 7mo baby boy

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    Heidi_B is offline Registered User
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    baby gym or music class for 7mo baby boy

    My son is going to be seven month in April.

    After six months, he becomes more active and energetic so I want to try some classes with him to get some ideas how to play and how to develop him at the same time.

    Can anyone recommend any activities for 7months baby boy?
    Which one will be better, baby gyms or music classes?

    Thanks a lot for sharing!!

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    southside852 is offline Registered User
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    i think you posted this in the wrong forum as there are tons of threads about baby gyms and I would imagine lots of people would have posted their opinions since there are tons of gyms out there!

    we love panda junction in Central and i enrolled my son in it at 7 months when he was a crawler. i also prefer it over gymboree as there are more mothers who go michelle is great at running it. the helpers are extremely nice there and her gym is very clean. the structure suited us too - free play for 20 minutes then circle time which ends with the parachute. my son had a blast there and sang all the songs that i would have wanted him to know.

    there's also Music Together, PEKIP, My Gym (Coda Plaza) and Kindermusik. We prefer Music Together. We like Kindermusik, don't love it as I think it depends who you have for Kindermusik. PEKIP is when your baby is naked etc...You have to check their website to see where your baby's age meets in Hong Kong. Some classes are in wanchai, some in stanley etc...

    Hope this helps!

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    tstmum is offline Registered User
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    We like JWT in Central - my second baby started there at about 6 months. (Personally, I like the fact they don't just play kiddy music - we had Abba, Kylie and Coldplay this week, which my baby gets a bit of at home and seems to enjoy). I took my first to Kindyroo, which he loved, but I got a bit bored with it after a while.

    There will be plenty of opinions about which class is best. Ring up a few places and try some trial classes.

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    Neha is offline Banned
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    PEKIP is upto 10 months only.

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    starbucks2 is offline Registered User
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    We go to Baby Buddies. 2 hour class which is quite long but a mix of free play, singing, story time, art and craft etc. Several classes - one up to 12 month, 1 - 2 years and above 2 I think (we are in the middle one). Several locations too. We go to the Sheung Wan location. They have a free trial class which is what we did and good to see what its all about before committing for a month.


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    hugocheung is offline Registered User
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    Try Baby Dance at Kornhill.
    My son joins one class. It aims at baby dancing e.g. Hip hop, ballet.
    Before attending this class, my son is full of energy and runs from time to time. After attending, he "releases" some energy and can sit down for a little while.

    go and have a look at ""

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