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Schools with bullying problems?

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    Schools with bullying problems?

    Hi there.

    I've recently heard that Canadian International School has a fairly bad problem with aggressive bullying of western, or non-Cantonese speaking kids by the Cantonese-speaking (either local or overseas) kids. Is there any truth at all to this? And has anyone heard of bullying problems at other International schools?

    Just trying to inform myself before I make the leap into the international school admissions fray...


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    Bullying in like drugs. If a school tells you "Not here" they're either lying or unaware. Of course the extent varies from school to school and year level to year level.

    I haven;t heard anything like that about CDNIS - but it may not be the kind of thing people know about unless it directly affects their children. The big thing about bullying is that it is incfedibly individual - both in terms of the bully, the victim, teh bystanders and the staff who dea with it. The repsonses you get would vary from teacher to teacher. So whilst one teacher may make a bad job of dealing with it, another teacher might be great.

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