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English + Mandarin in Pre-School

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    English + Mandarin in Pre-School

    My husband and I are French and Cantonese speakers so no problem for those 2 languages but I am worried about English and Mandarin.
    It seems that if children do not speak fluently English and Mandarin it is very hard for them to enter good primary international schools, is this correct?
    Do you know any good pre-schools in HK Island (we live in Pokfulam) in which kids will learn both English and Mandarin, even if they have no basics at all in those 2 languages?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Tutor Time. They have a campus at Red Hill (Tai Tam) and a new one at Braemar Hill.

    My son has classmates whose parents are both French and they speak only French at home... yet these kids, at school, speak French with each other, but easily switch to English when speaking with other people. I've also heard them speak Mandarin --quite well, too.

    There are children who live all the way in Baguio Villa who go to the Red Hill campus. I have a friend who lives in Clearwater Bay whose daughters also go to the Red Hill campus.

    HTH. Good luck.

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    Victoria at Belchers

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