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    tstmum is offline Registered User
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    Honestly, if a dr told me he was prescribing antibiotics because of a virus going around I'd switch drs straight away. Antibiotics are effective against bacterial infections, not viruses.

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    You sound like you know what you want to do, so I would go with your mothers instinct. If you are not comfortable with the paed's advice, get a second opinion. I find doctors in HK love to throw as much medication and antibiotics at kids for anything! Including cough medicine which amongst western nations at least is NOT recommended for a child under 6 so completely contradicts what we've been taught by those doctors and administrations. Antibiotics are a last resort for infection as far as I'm concerned, a very last resort. Hope bubs is on the mend now anyway.

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    Reei, doesn't sound like your little one should be on antibiotic. Would suggest you might want to change your PD. My little one is a year old now and we've been going to Dr Thondup. We like him because Thondup does not prescribe medication unless it's necessary.

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