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planning to give birth in hong kong,macau mom

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    It actually IS possible to get into many private hospitals even at the last minute, but you would have needed to already see the doctor affiliated with the particular hospital to see if he/she could get you in. For example, since I had seen a dr at Union in my early pregnancy a couple of times, I was offered a room with them in my 35th week, mind you it was a hugely expensive private room, but...
    When I was calling around the public hospitals, QMH was and PoW were the first I called and of course they were full. One of the only hospitals that were happy to help me was Pamela Youde (I think that is the name) hospital but it`s on the east side of HK island and not very convenient for me coming from China.
    Labour on a ferry does NOT sound good. I ended up delivering in GZ, about 2-3 hrs drive from SZ (where I was living) and I was always worried about when I went into labour. It turned out fine, but you never know. How is the ferry to Macau`s schedule? Doesn`t it stop at night time?
    7 days is the only visa you can get? Also, since the baby is born in HK, it will be able to go back to Macau with you as soon as you are released?
    There are a lot of things to consider, and your baby is coming soon. You will want to have a confident plan, for your own sanity and the safety of your baby coming.
    Oh, the hospitals won`t turn you back to Macau - they might just turn you away and tell you to go to another hospital. Look at the website that rani posted a link to. It`s very specific and informative. but just for the record, you will have to call each individual hospital. Also for me, QMH wasn`t listed as booked but they were when I called them.

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    Hi Ania,

    Not sure if you delivered the baby in HK or not after all... but I just wanted to know more on the papers you needed for bringing the baby back in Macao?
    Was the birth certificate enough or did you need any other documents?

    Thanks a lot.


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    Greetings ms.Ania 7 months I was pregnant, I am Indonesian citizen, I want ask you what if I give birth in Macau? and how much it costs to give birth in hospitals as well as Macau and hospitals that can provide these facilities
    Best regards

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    Smile Need some help....

    Hello i see all these comments are old...anyway i hope someone answer me...Im living in China, already 5 years. Im still no pregnant but my husband and i are planning to have a baby next year....We want to have him/her in Macao...I have read some comments here... and they helped me to understand some things...Just....does someone know the advantages that my future baby will have having a Macau nationality?...thanks....

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    what makes you think your baby will have "macau nationality"... there is no such thing. like there is no "hk nationality".... generally speaking, chinese people with right of abode are CHINESE citizens.

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