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Montessori or International Kindergarten

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    Montessori or International Kindergarten

    I realise there is already a thread about montessori. The school I am considering is a small private one (eg only 10 students per session) and I am also considering an international kindergarten where there is exposure to mandarin. Just wondering if anyone else has any thoughts on montessori or insights to share. my son would start in September but does not turn 3 until the end of the year. At the moment he attends an interational kindy and I like my concern is the larger class sizes, no flexibility on 5 days a week. and quite frankly it is a lot of money for a 3 year old (comparable to private high school education in Australia).

    I was a bit against the whole hong kong angst about education and now I seem to be falling into the trap myself.

    i like the idea of montessori because it is a quieter environment - i like the toys/ things to learn with (no the usual plastic) etc and i like the philosophy of teaching them to be aware of themselves, others and encouraging what they are interested in while ensuring they respect others. perhaps it is better to get them used to 'normal' hong kong life !

    any thoughts appreciated

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    We love the Montessori system just attended the workshop on sensorial application in a Montessori system and were very happy our son goes to cbc

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