I am interested in finding out where most Australians send their children to school here in HK who live South Side? I have met lots of French and English and Dutch families, but not too many Australians in the area. I have a child that will start reception in another 2 years and have put her name down just about everywhere. But I am conscious of the fact that I want to send her to a school where she is likely to have playdates and afterschool activities similiar to those of the children she is schooling with. I have had several discussions with other parents who mention this is such a bonus and helps with an easier transition into school. I would also love a school that has great parent support and involvement.

I have also considered the Australian International School in Kowloon Tong from the Sth of the Island (I can drive and take the Eastern tunnel?). I know there isn't a bus service run by the AIS to the Sth side, but do any parents do the commute?

Any feedback would be appreciated.