We just moved HK a months ago, not being able to find many friends for my daughter as most of kids have a helper, or go to kindergartens.
Still has not found suitable school for her yet. (I mean the one have openings)

My daughter is almost 3, but her friends could be any age, even a baby.
Whenever she sees kids & babies in the park/ playground, she asks to play with her, but kids do not understand her.....

She loves soccer as she used to stay with her big cousin who plays soccer, pretty active girl.
Put her into a ballet class, but is not enough for her.

We often go to disneyland (but only weekdays for now), beach, or public parks.
Though we live in Olympic area, we are close to Central in HK island.
Love to go to different parks, so any area is welcome.

I myself is a easy going person, loves crafts, such as beads/pearl jewerly making, Hawaiian Quilt, Lei making.
Love coffee as well, so why do not we enjoy coffee/ tea while kids loves to play with each other?