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No poo for 2 days?

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    No poo for 2 days?


    My 6 weeks old has not poo for 2 days now, wonder if it's still normal. He used to poo 2-3 times a day.

    He is breastfeed baby with occassional 1 formula feed a night if i'm feeling so tired.


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    for babies that are bf, some poo 2-3 times per day, others poo every 2-3 days... some go for more than a week without pooing.

    give it another day or two then take him to the doctor.

    good luck!

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    don't think it's anything to worry about, after the initial pooing a few times a day, both mine exclusively on breastmilk, settled down to only pooing every 7-8 days. Sounds terrible, but it's not constipation, I was worried with my first one too, but the paed said that she once had a breastfed baby who went for 15 days without pooing!

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