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Enough sleep?

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    Enough sleep?

    I'm worried that my two month old isn't getting enough sleep. He sleeps very little between 9/10am and 11pm. On most days he only sleeps between 2 and 4 or so hours during that time. Sometimes his naps are only for 20 minute intervals then he wakes up cranky and has to be rocked to sleep again. At night he sleeps pretty well- between 6 and 8 hours. That all doesn't seem enough for such a young baby, but he doesn't seem too bothered by it though he is often cranky during the day. Is there such a thing as sleeping too little? Do I need to be worried?

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    This is exactly how my baby was from 5-10 weeks. He slept very little during the day. I think it's bc they don't actually know how to sleep, at least how to put themselves to sleep. It's a learned skill.
    Basically my baby found his fingers, and then moved into a different developmental stage at which he was able to put himself to sleep. He's still not great at napping, but he's a lot better than he was a few months ago.
    Does he use a pacifier? You might have to wait til he can suck his hands - he will find them very soothing. And in my opinion, if you need to rock him to sleep for him to get the sleep that you want him to have, so be it. I know it's not very fun for you to be up all day with a yawning but awake crankypants infant.

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