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How Long To Adjust to Having A DH? Is It For Me?

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    Frenchy is offline Registered User
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    Ap Lei Chau

    I found once in the HK Magazine some information about the Employees Retraining Board of the HK Gov. The helpers are trained in household cleaning, laundry, basic cooking, infant care and safety, and can work part time legally.
    I visited their site but it's only in chinese : or call 2317-4567.
    This information was given last year, hope it still update.

    Edit : their english version is working now :)

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    the other option is to try an agency.

    i have two part-time cleaners that clean my playgroup centre. there was a helper agency next door for a while when i opened and i just went in and told them that i wanted LEGAL part-time. at first they sent my FDH, but when i reiterated that i was ONLY interested in LEGAL helpers, they found me two lovely ladies that have done the retraining.

    the only drawback to these ladies is that they speak NO english at all.

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    To encourage her to spend more time in her room, maybe get the Philippino channel put in? We got the basic cable package + Philippino channel which was much appreciated

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    wanfamily is offline Registered User
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    Our situation did improve a lot when we lent her a laptop and she has internet access. She has started spending a lot of time on MSN chatting to her family and seems a lot happier for it!

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    sorchului is offline Registered User
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    Hi all,
    I find this thread very useful and I'd like to share my experience and my opinions with you.
    It was not easy for us to live with a helper at first as my apartment is not big but we have no choice. My husband and I are working and our baby is only 5 months. Having a helper at home to do all the chores and to take care of the baby during the day is good. When I am at home, I will send her to the market or collect the laundry as I would like to have some privacy at home. I think she doesn't mind going out to get some fresh air.

    However my only concern and advice is that if we keep the helpers out too long, they will have more opportunities to meet friends and talk on the phone and end up learning 'tricks', as told by my friends.

    I decided to hire a helper 'fresh' from the Phillipines. I was told that the ones who have been in Hk for a long time are too 'clever', they are lazy and know how to trick their employers. I find this is a very sad thing.

    Also I would not suggest to hire a helper who lives out as we don't know if they really go back to their boarding house after work and we are responisble for their safety. Afterall it depends on the person, if she knows her boundaries and know what is good and bad and to control herself.

    Well, I try to keep my helper happy and entertained while she is at home by letting her watch TV and buy her magazines and newspaper. I also bought her a radio/ CD player. We cannot really control them using the mobile phones but I just tell her not to use the phone while taking care of my baby. As long as the helper does her work and does not lose control on the phone, TV etc then I think it's fine.

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