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changing sleep pattern-14month old

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    Hi Mushi, I have a 18 months with me, he used to cry a lot when he was young. But, what worked for him is, I need to keep telling him it's bed time and he needs to go to bed, mommy is here with him, and mommy loves him. I believed even from your tone, they can really tell or feel your love.

    This should comfort them and of course there is no magic, it does take time to have them get back to the normal sleeping pattern. Babies or toddlers, they are always trying their luck so as they can get more from those who loved them... Be patient...

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    Hope you don't mind me piggy backing off your thread, Mushi! Can anyone who has done the two-to-one nap transition tell me how they went about it? I think we're getting there but some days I feel like I've got timings all wrong and am wearing my 14 mth old out! She definitely can only manage one nap now, btw.

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