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teething affecting sleep??

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    teething affecting sleep??

    I think my baby recently is teething, no teeth yet but can see white caps, lots of drooling and biting, rubbing ears, some coughing and she is super fussy and clingy.
    However since few nights ago, she started sleeping even more poorly ( used to wake up once at night to BF) now its twice and last night was once every hourly!
    She will cry and only stop if I BF her, but she sucks for a while then fall asleep then wake up 1hr later I know this time is not real hunger.
    I wonder if there is a relation between teething and sleeping disturbance like this?? She already learnt how to crawl one month ago, so I don;t think its related to development milestone. She has no fever so I don;t think its a cold?? But I did introduce a new food (fish) earlier the day so could it be food allergy causing sleep disturbance??

    I read about homopathetic therapy Hyland's teething tabs and gel and wonder if anyone has any experience or advice regarding teething?? She is already 9mths and still no teeth...

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    i just went through that. if you look through previous posts you will see my panic don't worry she will return back to normal but it will take some time (it took two weeks for her lower teeth and over three for her top teeth).

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    my baby is going through the same thing right now & her first tooth just popped out. like your baby, mine has also been very irritable, clingy, biting, drooling etc. during the past couple of weeks. she also developed low-grade fever this past weekend with runny nose. i think it's due to teething & not the cold as she's perfectly fine today. she doesn't sleep very well at night either (better during daytime)... how long do you let your's cry before going/BF her? i let mine cry for a bit & eventually she settles down & falls back asleep. perhaps try not going to yours immediately & let her self-sooth back to sleep if possible?
    yes, it's been tough but just think of it as another part of the process. i'm reminding myself that everyday. hang in there!

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