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Sleep book - recommendations?

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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    Sleep book - recommendations?

    I`ve decided it`s time to consult a book to address my baby`s various sleep issues, namely waking up far too many times at night and waking up really really early each morning. I`m not really into a cry it out method so I was thinking about the No Cry Sleep Solution? Or how about the Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Sleep Problems, bc it would also be nice to get some tips on putting my baby on more of a routine since we`ve started solids now. I`m not interested in Gina though.
    Any good sleep books to recommend that have worked for you?

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    My oldest has always had trouble staying asleep because she didn't sleep well during the day and at night would always mean one or two wake ups (sometimes more). We had periods where she did sleep through but could never maintain it.

    I can count on my hands the number of times my almost 2 year old has slept all night. Even after a two week stint of sleep training (and we didn't give in!). She did get a little better after the sleep training but still woke most nights.

    A friend suggested Dr Ferber's book "Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems" which details the progressive approach to sleep training! No "crying out" solution. He is about finding the reason for why baby/person wakes and suggestions and case studies for solving it.

    It is brilliant and I wish I had had it from birth for both my kids.

    It also helps explain sleeping in general (are your own sleep patterns good?). Good luck!

    I find it more useful than a chapter on sleep in a general baby book.

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    lylee is offline Registered User
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    I used Marc Weissbluth's "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" & it's working out relatively OK given how difficult my baby's sleeping was before. However, there were quite a few times when I really felt like giving up (Eg. baby takes 15mins nap, doesn't fall asleep until 11pm etc.) but persistence, I think, is key with sleep training. It took me almost 5 months to successfully sleep train my baby, good luck!

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    Sambuster is offline Registered User
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    I also recommend "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Dr. Marc Weissbluth. I bought mine at Page One in Times Square, Causeway Bay. I have 4mth twins so almost anything is a challenge, but the minute I started reading his book things have started to come together & we're on a schedule both feeding/sleeping. Our issue was that they were not getting enough good quality naps throughout the day - now I think they nap too much! Depending on how much sleep they get during the day determines their bedtime too. Usually it's b/w 6-7pm, then a quick feed 10:30-11pm then they are out good until 6-7am. Finally some normalcy in this household. Good Luck!

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    We did controlled crying which does not sound like the option you want to take. I found it quite hard so used a combination of that and some of the techniques from the Baby Whisperer - eg: the shush pat. The Baby Whisperer was too much intervention for me (bordering on sleep props in my mind) but I did like some of the techniques. If you want something other than controlled crying, I would recommend the Baby Whisperer.

    Good luck - sleep problems are so stressful for everyone involved.


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    MommyTo3 is offline Registered User
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    Big fan of HSHHC as well, he was our pediatrician in the US and a great doctor. My first was a textbook example, perfect; the twins were harder, but did very well too. Highly recommend it. It explains really well how sleep works regardless whether you want to go with his method or not. He did a ton of research and knows what he's talking about.

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    snagito is offline Registered User
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    I know you said no Gina for you, but I found it an interesting read in the sense of a good outline and pattern, and also how to structure day time sleep to get better night time sleep. Worked for us, without sticking to every little bit of it so just thought I'd post in case you could maybe borrow a copy from the library without actually buying it (Contented Little Baby Book)

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    MeowMeow is offline Registered User
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    Another fan of "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" :D

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