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Class Suspension Period Programs

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    Bumps Guest

    Class Suspension Period Programs

    I am so appalled to have found an advertisement for a "Learning Centre" on HK Island that is specifically advertising new programs for the class suspension period. I am really mad about this.... Certainly they have more morals than to take advantage of a horrible situation and try and make money out of it. The aim of this class suspension period is reduce contact with others and yet they are encouraging it. I am so mad. It is places like this that help to spread the virus. As an educator I am disgusted, as a Mom I am appalled and I will never go to this Centre and will recommend my friends don't either.

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    Bumps Guest

    P.S If families need some ideas on how to keep their little ones occupied please PM me and see my post:

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    syuan is offline Registered User
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    I'm not saying that I support what these centers are doing, but I think it's harsh to say that they don't have any morals and are taking advantage of a horrible situation to make money out of it.

    It works both ways. If there were no demand for it, then they wouldn't be able to make money out of it even if they are open. Obviously, there are lots of parents out there who feel like this is just a normal flu and that extreme confinement is not necessary. And they are "making the most" of the time off from school.

    It seems that life is going on as usual. If you go to the malls, you will see that they are busy as usual. The clubs (including children's playrooms and pools) are busy as usual, if not more so. If these places can operate as normal, then why can't learning centers? It comes down to the choice of the consumer. You can choose to stay at home, but not everyone will make the same choice.

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    Bumps Guest

    I understand your view point and respect your opinion. But I personally find it pretty terrible what they are doing and word of mouth spreads quickly about playgroups. I feel it is the wrong thing to do - to me it shows a lack of regard for children's well being and the community at large. That is my opinion. I was actually planning on enrolling my 9mth old at this playgroup with a friend and her 10mth old before all this happened. We have decided against it. It is our choice, you're right.

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    I am currently in Australia which has 2201-odd cases and no deaths. We are in winter and, this year influenza has a lot more publicity and a well known name. Each year, on average influenza kills about 2000 Australia-wide. So far H1N1 has a pretty good track record then!

    I totally support the government's decision to close schools - Australia (I think) is being rather complacent (but that is another topic!) and only closing schools as they are 'hit'.

    If the playgroup is being careful (such as was mentioned in another thread, taking temps and washing hands), and parents are fully informed of the flu and the symptoms. Then they take their kids at their own risk.

    How is the playgroup going to feel if one of their students comes down with it? Bad move reputation-wise I think. Plus I wonder how many students are attending anyway in order for them to have to advertise?

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    true, i've only been open a year and i've been full for the past 6-8 months... no advertising needed.

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