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Brown Tap Water

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    madre2 is offline Registered User
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    hong kong

    This happens to us a lot. In our case it's because the water supply has been turned off for work on another building - we live in a village house. We're never informed that it will happen and we often don't realise it's been turned off until the supply is switched on again and it is brown.

    Another problem is it causes sediment to build up between the plates on taps, so they have to be replaced more frequently than you'd like to stop drips.

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    I have this problm in my building KKKK. Been living in HK for a few years and its the first time I've come across it. Moved into the apartment a few months ago and it was really brown then. We were also told that it was just sediment from the tank but the water this morning was brown again! I think I'll speak to management.

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